Microfiber Nonwoven Felt

Quality Microfibers to Transform the Global Textile Standards

Understanding non woven fibres

Production and demand for ultra-thin fibres have been in trend since the early 1950s. And slowly with global advancement, the textile domains have also seen some paradigm shifts. The biggest shift came probably with incoming of Microfiber Nonwoven Felt which is smooth, sturdy, lustrous and comes with various resistance qualities.

Nowadays these synthetic threads (finer than even one diner) have taken the lead role in maximum industrial domains from civils to biomedical from landfills to heavy engineering etc.

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But don’t foil for the increasing demand as it’s not at all easy to create non woven synthetic fibres. It’s only someone with expertise, excellence and experience like Winiw Nonwoven Materials Co., Ltd the sister subsidiary of Winiw International Co. Ltd that can stand up to the expectations.

Understanding non-woven fibres

With our plethora of international exposure that too in various domains it is our handpicked experts with innovative fibres that stand out globally.

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