Spunlace Microfiber Fabric

Get Ultra-Thin Spunlace Microfibers from Leading Manufacturers

Why choose Spunlace Microfibers?

The Spunlace microfibers are made from ultrathin split filaments which are semi synthetic in nature. It is there durable, sturdy strength and virtually lint free nature that makes then such an unrivalled substitute for common marketable polyfibers.

The manufacturing and the manufacturers

Manufacturing of Spunlace Microfiber Fabric are not easy at all. The basic manufacturing process is known as hydro-entangling tiny water jets used to entangle the fibre fabrics which in turn provides a uniform integrity. And finally it is treated with various chemical binders resulting in a sustainable surface.

Thus a process with such degrees of complexity requires highest order precision from the manufacturers. And who else other than Winiw nonwoven materials co ltd with their global repute and stringent quality standards can match up to that level.

Choose the best

From unrivalled quality control parameters to innovation in design and features from international experience to handpicked expertise and meeting deadlines we are the leaders in producing spunlace microfiber fabrics. So contact us now