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Polyester Roofing Fabric Supplier in China

Winiw Nonwoven Materials Co.,Ltd supply high quality non-woven polyestery roofing fabric, good quality and competetive price.

WINIW Polyester Roofing Fabric is made of receycled PET bottles, recycled polyester staple fiber, through stitc bonding nonwoven technology. It have very good breathability, tear resistance, is very good backing material for waterproof roofing coating fabric.

How Winiw Company Designs The Best-Rated Polyester Roofing Fabric?

We at Winiw polyester roofing fabric manufacturer idealize our vision for making the best ever roofing materials for you to make your home more protective against extreme weather. Our goals drive to work better with state of the art technological implementations for the best raw materials to use while manufacturing quality grade polyester fabrics. We employ and utilize top-class industrial experts and chemical engineers are highly experienced in dealing with non woven fabrics, their engineering to produce the best polyester roofing fabric at low expenses. Our roofing fabrics are made from PET bottles, properly recycled polyester staple fibers, with the help of stitch bonding nonwoven technology with high ratio of efficiency against retaining costs much better.

Our manufacturing units utilize performance-tuned machinery for designing non woven fabrics that are not just any fabric, but speaks for themselves when it comes to nail applications. We test each and every roll of fabric right in the industry itself for a physical sense of performance, durability standards, and qualifying industrial certifications for approached applications with very good breathability and tear resistance.


Features of WINIW Polyester Roofing Fabric:

Very good breathability.

Tear resistant.

Light weight.







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